OpenCart - remove product counts in categories

15-Jan-2015By Suman Kumar

At times it has been required by your store or your client to hide the product count of each categories, as this does not give any meaning full information to the customer.

p.s: please note that the code shown in the snapshot as well as in attached vQmod and OCMod are tested and based upon default OpenCart theme, and this might not work exactly if your OpenCart theme is heavily customized or is not based on the OpenCart HTML conventions. However with some tweak and trick we can make any theme to work as expected.


so we can disable this by modifying a little bit code of opencart.

to do so open the file.
{root folder}>catalog> controller> module> category.php
remove -product-counts-module
then open the second file.
{root folder}>catalog> controller> product> category.php
remove -product-counts-products

now refresh your browser and its all gone.

remove -product-counts-after

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